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This article is about online lead generation. One of the most valuable things you can do for your business is to build your own lead generation website. The fact is, you can build an exclusive lead generation website that will generate tageted leads for most kinds of businesses for free or nearly free.

You may be asking yourself, if free lead generation is so easy, why don't more businesses do it?

Good question. We said it was cheap, and could even be free. But it did not say it is easy. Once you have the lead generation systems and techniques down and you have a little experience with lead generation software, it is not difficult. However, it does take a consistent effort over time so most people never build a lead generation site or they give up on them too early.

The strategy for online lead generation is simple.

  • Do good keyword research and understand what your target market is searching on.
  • Set up a Wordpress Lead Generation site - this is free software that is easy to install and can be hosted for under $10 per month.
  • Write articles using keywords and tagging to target the keywords your audience is searching on.
  • Generate links back to your lead generation website to increase search engine ranking and produce more traffic
  • Add and test clear calls to action to get more visitors to become leads
  • Don't give up - What makes this process most challenging is that you are competing with the whole world. It takes time to get good search engine ranking and you will need to be writing articles regularly and not give up.
The process of building your own lead generation website is one that will take some time. How long depends on the competition in your marketplace. However, once your site ranks well and starts attracting the right kinds of visitors you will appreciate just how valuable the effort was. Getting a steady, targeted lead generation system in place has great long term value and will increase the overall value of your business.


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