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aWeber Review - Email Marketing / Autoresponder

This article is a aWeber Review and additional information on using aWeber to make more money via email marketing and autoresponders.

It is important to understand someone's qualifications to form an opinion before you trust their opinion. I have personally built enterprise email systems that deliver millions of emails for mainstream print publishers on a regular basis. It was always hard when my company would get a small client that needed an email marketing solution because our email marketing tool was expensive and often out of their reach.

Over the years, I started setting up smaller websites and I wanted simpler ways to do email publishing than my own email marketing system could do. So after putting it off for years, I started using aWeber for my side businesses.

Eventually, I completely discontinued my own software because aWeber is so effective and so good at focusing on doing just one thing really well. That one thing is using email to capture leads and subscribers and turning them into bigger income.

aWeber Support

  • Visit aWeber - I have been an aWeber customer for years and I am always impressed with how they treat their customers and the great support they have.

aWeber Review

Many email marketing solutions claim to do the same thing aWeber does. However, many of them do not offer all the same features. I consider email marketing without an autoresponder to be nearly worthless. aWeber has the tools you need to automate lead generation and follow ups and generate more sales and leads for your business. I consider it one of two critical tools for successful Internet Marketing.

Here are some tips on making money using aWeber for email marketing

  1. Email Course- It is great to offer an insentive for people to join your list. However, think about doing a series of emails with the autoresponder feature instead of an eBook download. The reasons are many. People will get used to opening emails from you and they will not unsubscribe right after getting the eBook - these are two big reasons.
  2. Focus on List Building- Building your email list with aWeber is probably one of the best assets you can build with your business to produce future income. Focus on ways to build your list.
  3. Promote Your Email List Offline- By putting something of value that people can download after joining your list, you have a talking point off line as well as something that gets results online.
  4. Use Your List- While you want to treat your list well, you do not want to be afraid of using it. Emails need to be sent to the list regularly to remind them that you exist.
  5. Email Marketing Strategy- Think through your entire lead generation strategy. How does email marketing help you generate leads for your business?

I regret not setting up my aWeber account much sooner. Every day that you wait, your list is not being built. And you will come to rely on that list as a valuable asset that makes you money and generates new clients for you.


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