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Akron Financial Advisor

If you live in Akron, Ohio and you are looking for someone to help you with your retirement and wealth management, look no further than Lee Hyder. Lee is an outstanding Financial Advisor located in Akron Ohio and can help you with your financial portfolio, planning for retirement and Lee is also a top Akron Estate Planner.

It is important to work with a financial advisor that is right for you and has specialized in issues that pertain to your life. For example, Lee Hyder is a Financial Advisor and Estate Planner that focuses on people over the age of 50 because he helps these people retain more of the wealth they have amassed and live a more fruitful, enjoyable retirement.

Lee combines important skills in Estate Planning and Financial Planning along with key partnerships to help people fully plan for the future and preserve their wealth. Lee Hyder and Associates can help you with retirement planning, annuities and even your annual taxes. One important factor of preserving your wealth is to not pay more than your fair share of taxes to the IRS.

A Financial Retirement Planner will help you with proper planning and someone that can guide you through the many intricacies of planning for ongoing income and minimizing your taxes and unnecessary expenses in your golden years.

Retirement Annuity Funds are just one of the many tools Lee can use to help assure you of a regular, ongoing income that will protect you after retirement.

If you would like to talk to Lee Hyder, call his Akron office at 330-836-7800 and schedule a meeting.


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